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One of the biggest applications of virtual reality is in the sale of real estate and business buildings. Studies show that the probability of a property being purchased increasesincrease by 40%if he has a virtual tour.


Virtual tours are an innovative and successful way of advertising because of their ability to bring your customer or visitor into the atmosphere of your business and present it at its best. .


The customer's final choice is often determined by the small benefits and conveniences. It is precisely for this reason that the use of unique  ways of marketing to stand out from the competition is essential.


Virtual walk - the added value for users, businesses and municipalities

Read part of an article that details the areas where virtual tours are most commonly used and the benefits they bring to business owners and their customers. Find a link to the entire article here.

The development of technology implies continuous improvement of processes, services and products offered to consumers. But in addition to the benefit of consumers, new technologies are also working hard to help businesses, institutions, and municipalities.

Virtual tours are among the latest trends used in the tourism, healthcare, education, culture and sports sectors. Hotels, restaurants, hospitals, shops, schools, sports halls, cultural and historical monuments are among the sites that actively take advantage of the advantages that the virtual tour brings.

The increasingly widespread penetration and use of social networks, the tendency to prefer compact, portable devices and the dynamics of everyday life make visual content a preferred and sought-after source of information for the modern person. This leads to the need to offer interesting, engaging visual content to users online.

Virtual tours are a good example of such content. Increasingly, hotels, restaurants and other types of recreation and entertainment venues can be viewed virtually. Apart from the fact that this is undoubtedly an unconventional way of presenting an object, in fact, in this way, potential customers can get a much better idea of the business in question, which inevitably affects the consumer behavior and the choice of the customer.

Another sector that takes advantage of being able to present its activities and conditions is that of healthcare. A number of private hospitals choose to present their equipment and demonstrate the conditions they offer to patients through virtual tours. 

Filming virtual walks is a preferred method by municipalities to demonstrate the projects implemented on the territory - renewed and renovated squares, renovated urban spaces, monuments, etc. But this is not the only advantage that virtual tours bring to municipalities. The presentation of the most important sights of the territory virtually contributes to the development of tourism and attracts tourists. The municipality of Svoge, for example, has created a complete virtual tour presenting all the natural and cultural attractions on its territory.


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